London Network for Men in Childcare launches on International Men’s Day

High-profile child abuse cases, such as the Jimmy Savile scandal, are affecting public attitudes to male childcarers according to the chief executive of the London Early Years Foundation (LEYF), June O’Sullivan.

Speaking and the launch of the London Network for Men in Childcare that was timed to coincide with International Men’s Day O’Sullivan acknowledged that men are being deterred from working in childcare because they worry that they may be perceived as being a paedophile, an early years expert has warned.

She made the comments in light of a survey by her organisation that found more than half of nursery workers believe that men are discouraged from pursuing a career in the early years sector.

“The biggest reasons why staff thought men don’t go into childcare was because of society’s attitude and the concern of being perceived as a paedophile,” said O’Sullivan.

“Staff and parents like to have men in childcare, but it’s actually a broader societal attitude against men which we’re seeing getting larger at the moment, to the state of almost a modern mentality.”

LEYF hopes to encourage more men into the sector by establishing its London Network for Men in Childcare to help male practitioners share experiences and promote their roles.

The news is reported in The Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standard and Children and Young People Now.


International Men’s Day in Daily Star newspaper

The “ooh aah” Daily Star features an article about  SIR PAUL McCARTNEY and KATY PERRY donating autographed neckties to a celebrity auction marking International Men’s Day today.

Hollywood Brad Pitt, Mark Wahlberg, Ty Burrell and singers Brandon Flowers, Jessie J and Mika have also contributed to the Loosen Up sale, organised annually by Cahonas Scotland to raise awareness of male cancers.

Pitt has handed over a signed grey Gucci bowtie, while McCartney doodled a love heart and flower next to his autograph on the skinny brown tie he has donated to the cause.

Cahonas Scotland founder and chair Ritchie Marshall says, “As a charity focused on positive men’s health, we at Cahonas Scotland fully support International Men’s Day, and particularly (its focus on) positive role models for men. With their support and generosity we will make a real difference to the profile of men’s health issues in 2013.”

Neckwear donated by Dita Von Teese, Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and Stephen Merchant are also up for grabs on the Loosen Up Auction page on

You can see the Daily Star article here.

IMD sowing seeds of new men’s movement says Guardian commentator

The Guardian newspaper has run an article by Ally Fogg in its Comment Is Free section describing International Men’s Day as sowing “the seeds of  a new movement”.

Ally – who challenged those who mocked International Men’s Day in The Guardian last year says:

“Within just a few years, I’ve noticed reactions to IMD follow an interesting trajectory, from bafflement through indifference, hostility and mockery to a grudging recognition and acceptance. It’s a journey that probably feels familiar to many of the individual charities and campaigns involved.”

In his article Ally reviews our flagship International Men’s Day event – the Second National Conference for Men and Boys – which was held in the run up to IMD and paints a promising picture of the future. He says:

“The men’s sector, as represented that day, includes many brilliant organisations. In isolation they have done great things. But in coming together as a sector, for International Men’s Day or for a conference, we may be seeing the seeds of a new unity, a recognition that the problems they face are often the same one. What is it? Some would call it anti-male prejudice or misandry, some call it socialisation, some call it the workings of capitalism and some call it patriarchy. Personally I don’t really care, most of the time it all describes the same effects.

“Are we seeing the seeds of a new men’s movement? The phrase seems grandiose, but the word “sector” is not enough. To begin to address and reverse these problems will need not only the intervention of specialist services, but the engagement of the media, politics and the public at large. The first step in solving any problem is to identify and acknowledge its existence, and International Men’s Day is a very good place to start.”

To read the full article and the discussion taking place in the comments section CLICK HERE NOW.

Happy International Men’s Day 2012

Happy International Men’s Day to you!  Monday 19th November 2012 is International Men’s Day (IMD) so why not join us in celebrating men and boys in the UK today?

IMD is now celebrated in more than 60 countries worldwide and this year’s celebrations are the biggest the UK has ever seen with events being held all over the country; surveys and reports being published; new websites and campaigns being lauched and funds being raised for various causes supporting men and boys in different ways.

So here’s just a selection of what’s happening on International Men’s Day in the UK this year (click on the links to find out more today):

If you take time to spread the word about International Men’s Day in the UK today let us know how you mark the day by contacting

And whatever you do today have a Happy International Men’s Day!

Top 10 Men’s Issues Revealed On International Men’s Day

An survey of professionals and volunteers working in the UK’s men and boys’ sector has revealed the Top Ten Men’s Issues according to those working in the frontline.

More than 300 men and women took part in the survey conducted by the International Men’s Day UK co-ordinating team in partnership with The Men’s Network.


1. Ending violence against men and boys

The majority of victims of violence in the UK are men and boys. Seven out of 10 murder victims are men and men are 70% more likely to be killed by someone they know and seven times more likely to be killed by a stranger. Male victims of domestic violence and sexual violence are less likely than their female counterparts to access help and support.

2. Stopping male suicide

Men are three times more likely to commit suicide and more than 10 men kill themselves every day in the UK.

3. Equal rights for dads

Unmarried fathers are not currently given automatic parental rights from birth and the amount of parental leave and pay new parents can qualify for is not equal for mums and dads. Campaign groups say law reform is needed to promote and facilitate shared parenting after separation and some are calling for an overhaul of the benefits system to support shared parenting. Currently when separated parents share care only one parent (usually mum) qualifies for support from the state through child benefit, housing benefit, child tax credits etc.

4. Giving boys a better education

One in ten boys, for example, leave primary school at 11 with a reading age of a 7 year old. Boys of all backgrounds are more likely to be excluded from schools ranging from white boys who are 2.4 times more likely to be excluded than a white girl to poor black boys with special educational needs who are 168 times more likely to be excluded from school than richer white girl with no special educational needs. Only one in eight primary school teachers are male and one in four primary schools have no male teachers.

5. Tackling negative portrayals of men in the media and promoting male role models.


6. Improving men’s health and life expectancy

Men of all backgrounds die on average 4 years younger than women with the gap between the poorest men and richest women rising to over 10 years. Men are less likely to access and benefit from health services. Men’s health researchers and campaigners say services need to change and become more male friendly if we are to tackle men’s health inequalities.

7. Tackling male disposability

The majority of homeless people, prisoners, children excluded from school, children put into foster care, unemployed people and isolated older people are men. More than 95% of people who die at work are men and the majority of soldiers killed in service are men. Some campaigners see this issue as a sign that we take men’s lives less seriously than women’s lives and conclude that men are treated as being more ‘disposable’. For some campaigners this perception of ‘male disposability’ is further exacerbated by the unequal number of schemes and initiatives that are focused on supporting and helping women.

8. Ending unnecessary male circumcision

Everyday, as many as 100 Unnecessary Male Circumcisions are performed legally on boys in the UK, often in non-medical settings without anaesthetic. This practice can and does cause death, disability, disease, pain and discomfort and physical damage.

9. Beating male cancer and tackling men’s cancer inequalities

Men are 70% more likely to die from the cancers that affect both sexes, less money is spent on researching male cancers, more than 90% of the people screened for cancer are women, and girls are now vaccinated against some cancers but boys are not.

10. Tackling male unemployment

According to the ONS Labour Market Statistics for May 2012 there are 2.6 million people currently unemployed in the UK and 6 out of ten of them are men. A report by the Higher Education Policy Institute think tank found that male graduates are 50% more likely to end up unemployed

For more information on the survey read International Men’s Day Survey news article.

International Men’s Day survey reveals the ‘Top Ten Men’s Issues’ for British men and boys

A survey coinciding with International Men’s Day (19 November 2012) has revealed the Top Ten Men’s Issues faced by men and boys in the UK with the top three being male suicide, violence and equal rights for mums and dadsThe survey conducted this month asked professionals and volunteers working with men and boys in the UK what the most urgent social issues for the supposedly stronger sex were.

Other areas of concern according to those working in the UK’s men and boys’ sector include improving boys’ education, addressing male health inequalities such as boys’ lower life expectancy and tackling negative media portrayals of men.


The survey coincides with International Men’s Day, a day of observance marked in more than 60 countries worldwide. In the UK, There are a range of women and men in organisations across the UK celebrating the day including in Derby, Birmingham, Manchester, Preston, Belfast, London, Brighton and the Western Isles of Scotland.

Glen Poole, UK Co-coordinator for International Men’s Day said:

“International Men’s day gives everyone a chance to celebrate the contribution men and boys make to our society and also highlight some of the problems men and boys face. We tend to be less effective at understanding and addressing men’s issues and what this survey highlights are a number of fundamental problems for government, policymakers and local communities to consider more carefully on International Men’s Day.”

International Men’s Day is the male counterpart of International Women’s Day which is held in March and is celebrated around the world. The aims of International Men’s Day is to celebrate male role models and men’s contribution to society, promote men’s health and wellbeing, highlight discrimination against men and boys, promote gender equality and build a peaceful world for everyone.

The survey asked those in the men and boys and sector what were the Top Ten Men’s Issues that we need to focus on to help men and boys live longer, happier, healthier lives (this year’s International Men’s Day theme).

Also featuring in the top ten were issues such as beating male cancer and men’s cancer inequalities, ending medically unnecessary male circumcision, tackling the higher rate of male unemployment and addressing the disposability and exclusion of men in society.

The survey was conducted by the UK’s International Men’s Day co-ordinating team in partnership the charity The Men’s Network, host of the annual National Conference For Men and Boys which brings together a broad range of professionals and volunteers working with men and boys in areas like health, fatherhood, mental wellbeing, sexual health, mentoring, rites of passage, working with offenders, working with older men and social care.

Top ten men’s issues voted by professionals and volunteers working in the UK’s men and boys’ sector

  1. Ending violence against men and boys (87.3%)
  2. Stopping male suicide (87%)
  3. Giving mums and dads equal rights (85.1%)
  4. Giving boys a better education (84.9%)
  5. Tackling negative media portrayals of men (84.6%)
  6. Improving men and boys’ health and life expectancy (84.4%)
  7. Tackling male disposability (83.1%)
  8. Ending medically unnecessary male circumcision (80.5%)
  9. Beating male cancer and tackling men’s cancer inequalities (79.8%)
  10. Reducing male unemployment (79.6%)

Rankings are based on the percentage of respondents who rated each issue as ‘very important’ on a scale of 0 – 10 where 10 was very important. For a more detailed listed see Top Ten UK Men’s Issues.

Brad Pitt, Paul McCartney, Chris Moyles, Stephen Fry back International Men’s Day event

A host of national and international celebrities are backing an International Men’s Day event to help beat male cancer in Scotland.

The male cancer awareness charity, Cahonas Scotland, is running a “loosen up”  e-bay auction of  ties, scarves and other items donated by celebrities from the world of movies, TV, music and sport.

Celebrities who are supporting the  fundraising auction which launches on International Men’s Day include Brad Pitt, Jessie J ad Katy Perry who have all donated their autographed ties to a charity auction in support of International Men’s Day.

Other stars who have given their neckwear to Cahonas Scotland’s ‘Loosen Up’ eBay campaign include Brandon Flowers, Caroline Flack, Chris Moyles, Craig Revel Horwood, Dita Von Teese, Joanna Lumley, Mark Wahlberg, Mika, Olly Murs, Piers Morgan, Paul McCartney, Stephen Fry, Stephen Merchant and Ty Burrell.

The celebrity loosen up auction 2012 is set to launch on International Mens Day and from November 19th until November 25th you can get your hands on a whole host of celebrity owned and worn items.

To find our more visit the Cahonas Scotland website or read more about the event at Digital Spy.


Leeds’ charity launches Men’s Issues awareness campaign

A Leeds charity launches Men’s Issues awareness campaign as part of International Men’s Day 2012.

Leeds based charity Chris Worfolk Foundation is launching a new Men’s Issues awareness campaign.

The face of the campaign is a new website,, that aims to raise awareness of some of the issues facing men and boys in the areas of health, education, employment and family.

“This campaign follows on from our long history of campaigning for equality,” said trustee Chris Worfolk. “We have previously been involved in campaigning for women’s rights, and are currently piloting a transgender project, so it was only natural that we would want to get involved with all sides of gender representation.”

The campaign also sees the launch of the MILE Network – Men’s Issues in Learning and Education – providing a support network for those representing men’s issues in an academic context.

“We want to ensure men’s issues are not forgotten by equality and diversity committees,” said trustee Dr Gijsbert Stoet. Dr Stoet sits on the Equality & Diversity Committee at the University of Leeds.


Talk Of The Town marks IMD

Thanks to the Tiemo Talk Of The Town Blog for a great article marking International Men’s Day 2012.

In 2010 an 2011 Tiemo marked the day with a “Celebration Of Men” awards ceremony.

This year the team at Tiemo is urging us all to extend the hand of friendship and acts of love and/or respect to the men and boys in our lives, be they our acquantainces, brothers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, bosses, friends, classmates or colleagues.

To read the full article click this link.

One Space highlights International Men’s Day

One Space, a website and online community for single parents run by the Single Parent Action Network, is supporting International Men’s Day this year.

The One Space website highlights the fact that International Men’s Day celebrates and promotes the positive contributions and sacrifices that men make every day for their families, children, friends and communities.

“Importantly for male parents, the day celebrates the fact that men play a significant role in the upbringing of their children,” says an article on the One Space website.
Click on the link to read the full article – Celebrating Men and Good Fathers.