The following list of health inequalities experienced by men was produced by the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation on International Men’s Day:

  • 75% of people who kill themselves are men
  • 73% of adults who go missing from home are men
  • 90% of rough sleepers are men (76% of whom have mental health problems)
  • One man in eight is dependent on alcohol (men are three times more likely to become alcohol dependent)
  • 78% of drug-related deaths occur in men (men are more than twice as likely to use Class A drugs)
  • There is evidence to suggest that schizophrenia may have an earlier onset and a more disabling course in men
  • Men make up 94% of the prison population – and 72% of male prisoners suffer from two or more mental disorders (compared with 5% of men in the general population)
  • 46% of male psychiatric inpatients (compared with 29% of female patients) are detained and treated compulsorily
  • Almost every personality disorder, including antisocial personality disorder, is more likely to be diagnosed in men
  • 84% of children excluded from school are boys
  • Boys are five times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girl
  • Young men are significantly more likely than young women to emerge from the education system with lower levels of qualification
  • Men have measurably lower access to the social support of friends, relatives and community.

(Facts and figures from the National Mental Health Development Unit and


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