A survey coinciding with International Men’s Day (19 November 2012) has revealed the Top Ten Men’s Issues faced by men and boys in the UK with the top three being male suicide, violence and equal rights for mums and dadsThe survey conducted this month asked professionals and volunteers working with men and boys in the UK what the most urgent social issues for the supposedly stronger sex were.

Other areas of concern according to those working in the UK’s men and boys’ sector include improving boys’ education, addressing male health inequalities such as boys’ lower life expectancy and tackling negative media portrayals of men.


The survey coincides with International Men’s Day, a day of observance marked in more than 60 countries worldwide. In the UK, There are a range of women and men in organisations across the UK celebrating the day including in Derby, Birmingham, Manchester, Preston, Belfast, London, Brighton and the Western Isles of Scotland.

Glen Poole, UK Co-coordinator for International Men’s Day said:

“International Men’s day gives everyone a chance to celebrate the contribution men and boys make to our society and also highlight some of the problems men and boys face. We tend to be less effective at understanding and addressing men’s issues and what this survey highlights are a number of fundamental problems for government, policymakers and local communities to consider more carefully on International Men’s Day.”

International Men’s Day is the male counterpart of International Women’s Day which is held in March and is celebrated around the world. The aims of International Men’s Day is to celebrate male role models and men’s contribution to society, promote men’s health and wellbeing, highlight discrimination against men and boys, promote gender equality and build a peaceful world for everyone.

The survey asked those in the men and boys and sector what were the Top Ten Men’s Issues that we need to focus on to help men and boys live longer, happier, healthier lives (this year’s International Men’s Day theme).

Also featuring in the top ten were issues such as beating male cancer and men’s cancer inequalities, ending medically unnecessary male circumcision, tackling the higher rate of male unemployment and addressing the disposability and exclusion of men in society.

The survey was conducted by the UK’s International Men’s Day co-ordinating team in partnership the charity The Men’s Network, host of the annual National Conference For Men and Boys which brings together a broad range of professionals and volunteers working with men and boys in areas like health, fatherhood, mental wellbeing, sexual health, mentoring, rites of passage, working with offenders, working with older men and social care.

Top ten men’s issues voted by professionals and volunteers working in the UK’s men and boys’ sector

  1. Ending violence against men and boys (87.3%)
  2. Stopping male suicide (87%)
  3. Giving mums and dads equal rights (85.1%)
  4. Giving boys a better education (84.9%)
  5. Tackling negative media portrayals of men (84.6%)
  6. Improving men and boys’ health and life expectancy (84.4%)
  7. Tackling male disposability (83.1%)
  8. Ending medically unnecessary male circumcision (80.5%)
  9. Beating male cancer and tackling men’s cancer inequalities (79.8%)
  10. Reducing male unemployment (79.6%)

Rankings are based on the percentage of respondents who rated each issue as ‘very important’ on a scale of 0 – 10 where 10 was very important. For a more detailed listed see Top Ten UK Men’s Issues.


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