The Guardian newspaper has run an article by Ally Fogg in its Comment Is Free section describing International Men’s Day as sowing “the seeds of  a new movement”.

Ally – who challenged those who mocked International Men’s Day in The Guardian last year says:

“Within just a few years, I’ve noticed reactions to IMD follow an interesting trajectory, from bafflement through indifference, hostility and mockery to a grudging recognition and acceptance. It’s a journey that probably feels familiar to many of the individual charities and campaigns involved.”

In his article Ally reviews our flagship International Men’s Day event – the Second National Conference for Men and Boys – which was held in the run up to IMD and paints a promising picture of the future. He says:

“The men’s sector, as represented that day, includes many brilliant organisations. In isolation they have done great things. But in coming together as a sector, for International Men’s Day or for a conference, we may be seeing the seeds of a new unity, a recognition that the problems they face are often the same one. What is it? Some would call it anti-male prejudice or misandry, some call it socialisation, some call it the workings of capitalism and some call it patriarchy. Personally I don’t really care, most of the time it all describes the same effects.

“Are we seeing the seeds of a new men’s movement? The phrase seems grandiose, but the word “sector” is not enough. To begin to address and reverse these problems will need not only the intervention of specialist services, but the engagement of the media, politics and the public at large. The first step in solving any problem is to identify and acknowledge its existence, and International Men’s Day is a very good place to start.”

To read the full article and the discussion taking place in the comments section CLICK HERE NOW.


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