The Green Parent, the UK’s leading green lifestyle and natural parenting magazine, has produced a excellent article celebrating International Men’s Day in the UK .

5 Ways To Honour The Men In Your Life is written by Lucy Corkhill a freelance writer and therapist specialising in pregnancy and post-natal treatments. A short overview of the article is provided below, to read the full article click here now.

5 Ways To Honour The Men In Your Life 

1). Say thank you

All too often we forget to say thank you for the little things: the cup of tea, the washing up done, the kind words; and focus on the negative. Stereotypes of men as lazy and careless don’t help either, especially for young boys.

2). Think about the special men in your life and get in touch

Been a long time since you called your dad? Have your children been asking about their uncles, grandfathers or godfathers? Make today an excuse to get in touch with the special men in your life, and encourage your kids to join in.

3). Let the men choose the day’s itinerary

It’s often busy mums who plan the family’s days out.  Let dads choose the day’s activities, and follow his lead for a completely different adventure. Of course, if it’s usually Dad who chooses what to do, give him a planning-free day by taking the reins.

4). Pick a local/historical male role model and set out to find out more

This International Men’s Day  set out to discover your local hero. If you’re from Cardiff, you might want to learn more about Roald Dahl, who was born there. You could find out more about sporting hero Bradley Wiggins if you’re from London. Portsmouth folk could pick local engineering hero Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

5). Cook a meal/ bake a cake/ make a card

Get the kids involved in making the men and boys in your life feel special. Perhaps you’ll make a card together, bake a cake and decorate it, or cook his favourite meal. Make a point of creating a day of loving kindness, celebrating all of the male members of your family: fathers, grandfathers, brothers, uncles and sons.

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