Men involved in the UK Men’s Rites Of Passage community will be focussing their attention on their fellow men by undertaking a 24-hour fast on International Men’s Day on Monday 19th November.

The intention is to use the money that would have  been spent on food to make a contribution to the MROP Development Fund. The Fund has two purposes; payment of bursaries for financially-constrained men who wish to undertake the Rites, and expenses in developing MROP work within the UK.

Next year’s Men’s Rites of Passage will be taking place in Perth, Scotland from 24th-28th July 2013. The application process has already opened, and the price for a man to attend this is £365. The Rites does not aim to make a profit; this cost is the break-even cost per man, and the time given by the team to prepare and facilitate the Rites is given on a voluntary basis.

To support this bursary fund MROP is inviting its supporters to take part in a 24-hour fast. Men will be starting the fast this Sunday evening, 18th November, at 7pm, and breaking fast at 7pm on Monday 19th November (which is International Men’s Day).
A number of  men who attended a recent MROP Gathering in Staffordshire have already committed to supporting this fast and are inviting others to take part and donate the money that you would have spent on food, to the MROP Bursary Fund.
The organizers recognize that fasting may not be possible for some men, for any number of reasons: medical conditions, medications, work commitments, physical safety, driving and so on. If you have any doubts about this, please check first with your doctor. If a full fast is not possible, you might consider a partial one: meatless, perhaps, or vegan. In any event, take as much part as you feel able to, and consider donating in any case.
The MROP team hope many people will be able to join the community of men that will be taking part in this, and that you will all be breaking fast together with us next Monday evening.
To find out more about MROP in the UK see The Male Journey website.

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  2. […] IMD fundraisers have included a spiritual fast, a Tash Dash fun run and IMD UK promoting Ten Top Men’s Charities to donate […]

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