The team behind International Men’s Day in the UK is running a snap survey to help identify what people working with men and boys think are the most important men’s issues. It only takes 2 minutes to complete the survey and you can do this now by following this link.

Issues under consideration include:

  • Giving boys a better education
  • Equal rights for dads
  • Improving men’s health and life expectancy
  • Beating male cancer and tackling men’s cancer inequalities
  • Tackling male unemployment
  • Stopping male suicide
  • Ending violence against men and boys
  • Ending unnecessary male circumcision
  • Tackling male disposability
  • Tackling negative portrayals of men in the media

If issues that are important to you are not included in the online questionnaire do please email so your concerns can be included in the final analysis.

And to take part and complete this survey now please follow this link.


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  1. Iris Fudge says:

    Male unemployment has a significant effect on lack of youth opportunities leading to
    despair and anger at being counted for ‘nothing’!
    In the Howard League for Penal Reform current there
    is a report on the ‘Barbed graphic design studio at Coldingley prison’ which was a pilot
    project for men who were desperate to work and be useful and find a way to provide
    for family, pay bills and gain a sense of self esteem. This points the way to the enormous
    need for a policy for boy’s education needs to be properly met. All of which would have a
    knock on benefit for women. children and family.

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