Men Beyond 50, a project for men in their 50s and beyond is rebranding its website to coincide with International Men’s Day on Monday 19 November 2012.

Men Beyond 50 says it “brings together a range of resources to help you enjoy life now, learn new lifeskills, make new contacts, and grow through the shipwrecks”.

According to the project, “the 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond can be a time of great freedom and growth, a chance to be the man you want to be”. But according to Men Beyond 50, many men in these years struggle with depression, loneliness and addiction. The project says this is because “they need new skills, new vision, and support from other men so they can face problems, and re-invent themselves”.

To help it reach more men beyond 50, the team have been giving their website a substantial overhaul to provide older men with an online gateway that will help them on their journey.


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