Award winning charity Working with Men an organisation that supports positive male activity, engagement and involvement is using International Men’s Day as a launchpad to inspire 100,000 volunteers.

According to Working With Men – who are hosting an IMD fundraising event this Tuesday 22nd November (click here for more details) – they are using the day to “ask men to engage with us in, or run for themselves, one voluntary activity big or small”.

After consulting with the men it works with Working With Men has decided that this year’s voluntary activity will focus on the environment, namely the planting of trees in and around the city.

Planting on the day will take place in several high priority boroughs as well as a group planting at Heartwood with parents and their children. The day will mark the beginning of a series of events and projects with the aim of getting between 50-100,000 Londoners involved in volunteering from November 2011 to November 2012.

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  1. […] London charity Working With Men joined the party with a bang this year using the day to launch a project to inspire 100,000 Londoners to get involved in volunteering in the next year. Working With Men also used the day as a platform […]

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