The Guardian Newspaper has run a “Comment Is Free” article about International Men’s Day with journalist Ally Fogg defending the global day of observance against

Fogg asked followers on twitter what they thought of IMD and of the dozens of responses he received only four were broadly supportive. The majority were dismissive, jocular or mocking, and about a quarter were actively hostile.

For an example of the type of hostility that is directed at IMD click here to see the blog of Rachel Wenstone, Communication and Internal Affairs Officer of Leeds University Union – a charitable body that states it is opposed to any discrimination as a result of gender and is committed to promoting diversity.

But back to The Guardian, you can read the full article if you click here now or simply read the extract below:

“One of the great social and political challenges of the 20th century was to re-imagine and reinvent our working and domestic arrangements in line with changing gender roles. One of the greatest socio-psychological challenges of the 21st century is to create new models of masculinity, more in keeping with this new world. Much has been said – perhaps too much – about the supposed crisis of masculinity. Our gender identity is not in crisis but it is in flux.

“There is plenty to admire and cherish in traditional masculine roles, from courage and strength to stoicism and self-sacrifice, and the key may be to find ways to incorporate the best of what we used to be with the best of what we would like to be. To do so requires opening spaces for discussion, not being afraid to lift the lid on some wormy cans, and talk positively about what it means to be a man. IMD might be a good place to start.”

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