The Welsh Government has been accused of sex discrimination for supporting International Women’s Day with grants totalling £30,000 while ignoring International Men’s Day.

Tory councillor Peter Davies – Newport Council’s equality champion and father of Monmouth MP David Davies – says the decision to back one day but not the other is hypocritical.

He said: “I don’t particularly object to the Welsh Government spending money on International Women’s Day, but I would have thought that with its commitment to equality it would also be happy to recognise International Men’s Day, which will be celebrated this Saturday.

“This isn’t a trivial issue – part of the money spent on International Women’s Day relates to the treatment of women’s cancers.

“But I’ve been contacted by a prostate cancer charity that is raising funds, and obviously that is a form of cancer only contracted by men.

“I think it’s quite hypocritical of the Welsh Government to back one gender against another in this way. They seem to think it’s politically all right, but I am sure many people will see that in no way does it represent equality.”

Click here now to read the full story.

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