If you support International Men’s Day 2011 then why not join us in raising awareness of men and boys issues in the UK by sending a letter to your MP?

It’s a quick and simple way to take action and all you have to do is click on this link http://www.writetothem.com, enter your postcode and copy paste this email……..


I am writing to make you aware of International Men’s Day on Saturday 19th November 2011 and to ask if you will take action to raise awareness of the issues that men and boys face.

I am aware that there are many male voices in parliament, but there are very few male or female voices highlighting the specific needs of men and boys in the UK.

I am part of a growing network of individuals and organisations in the UK which is concerned with addressing these issues like men’s health, fatherlessness, boy’s educational underperformance, male suicide, the lack of male role models in communities and the high levels of men and boys involved in crime and anti-social behaviour – both as victims and offenders.

As you will probably know, the government already engages with and listens to women and women’s groups as part of its 2010 Equality Strategy. However it doesn’t engage with men and men’s groups.

Will you use your office to ask the Government  to consult with men and men’s groups about how it can respond more effectively to the specific needs of men and boys in the UK?

For a list of just some of the organisations working with men and boys in the UK who are ready to consult with The Government please see this link:


I look forward to hearing your reply soon

Best Regards etc

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