International Men’s Day in the UK has been featured on an Australian radio show called Dads On The Air.

UK co-ordinator Glen Poole appeared on the show alongside International Men’s Day Co-ordinators from Canada and The USA.

Your can download the show by visiting the Dads On The Air website. To hear Glen’s interview fast forward to around a quarter of the way into the program.

Glen speaks about how The First National Conference for Men and Boys, hosted by The Men’s Network in Brighton & Hove in the run up to the International Men’s Day 2011, touched upon this year’s theme.

This year the theme for International Men’s Day 2011 is Giving Boys The Best Possible Start In Life and focusses on five key challenges that boys all over the world face; and these include health and life expectancy, education, tolerance of violence, rights to fatherhood and life choices.

You can download the show today by visiting the Dads On The Air if you click on this link now.

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