Rights Of Man Backs International Men’s Day

The Rights Of Man Blog has heralded International Men’s Day in 2012 a big success.

Writing on Monday one of the sites leading bloggers, skimmington, said:

“As International Men’s Day draws to a close it, watching the updates on the International Men’s Day UK site today has been great viewing.

“There certainly is now a growing momentum on this not only with so many organisations now taking part but also there has been some media coverage.

“Some also used the day as leverage for a story about a barrier for men. It bodes well for next year if the team behind it in the UK can keep pushing forward.”

For the full article and subsequent comments click here now.


Nationwide Vehicle Contracts Stays Stop Blaming Men

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, one of the UK’s leading car leasing firms, used International Men’s Day to stop blaming unsafe roads on men.

In a blog post the firm highlights that International Men’s Day falls on the first day on of National Road Safety Week (NRSW).

The article challenges the notion that women are safer drivers than men saying  drivers aren’t defined by their gender alone. There is so much going on in the moment of a collision that it seems highly disingenuous to point an accusing finger at either gender.

The write of the post makes this rallying call:

“So during NRSW and on International Men’s Day, rather than glaring accusingly at one gender or another, perhaps we should draw alternative, bolder lines.

“Rather than considering that either gender might make for the worse drivers, how about instead we just differentiate between “Good Drivers” and “Bad Drivers”?”

To read the full article click here now.

Red Mag Marks International Men’s Day

Red Magazine marked International Men’s Day with an article marking their favourite male role models currently in the news. They chose:

  • Bond star Daniel Craig
  • The Duke of Edinburgh
  • Sir Paul Coleridge, the senior family court judge
  • The boys of X Factor

To find out why read the full Red Magazine article on International Men’s Day here


Sussex NHS backs International Men’s Day

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust marked International Men’s Day this year using the occasion to:

  • Highlight some of the mental health inequalities that men and boys experience
  • Promotion the theme of international men’s day
  • Highlight the help available to men take care of their mental and emotional well-being.

Sussex Partnership provides NHS mental health services in Sussex, Brighton and Hove and across the south east.  The Trust has set up men’s groups to give men the opportunity to explore their health issues, and gain support from others.

Kate Bones, Director of Occupational Therapy at Sussex Partnership, said, “People do not realise that men tend to be less healthy in terms of their mental wellbeing than women. We need to make sure they have access to information to help lead healthy lives.”

One of the ways men can help themselves, says the trust, is by using the Recovery ROCK – an on-line resource and directory of community groups including many which support men specifically.

ROCK is an interactive hub of information which people can search. It puts people in control and gives them the information they need to plan their lives and how they want to maintain their health.

ROCK – it stands for Recovery Oriented Community Kit – was conceived, designed and developed entirely within Sussex Partnership. It includes:

  • A directory of social inclusion and recovery services
  • A toolkit to help people set personal goals and, using the directory, plan activities to help them maintain their wellbeing
  • The ability to change and add entries to keep the resource right up to date
  • Direct links to the Trust’s online recovery pages and tools.

To see the list of the Trust’s list of men’s mental health inequalities click here.

Health inequalities faced by men

The following list of health inequalities experienced by men was produced by the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation on International Men’s Day:

  • 75% of people who kill themselves are men
  • 73% of adults who go missing from home are men
  • 90% of rough sleepers are men (76% of whom have mental health problems)
  • One man in eight is dependent on alcohol (men are three times more likely to become alcohol dependent)
  • 78% of drug-related deaths occur in men (men are more than twice as likely to use Class A drugs)
  • There is evidence to suggest that schizophrenia may have an earlier onset and a more disabling course in men
  • Men make up 94% of the prison population – and 72% of male prisoners suffer from two or more mental disorders (compared with 5% of men in the general population)
  • 46% of male psychiatric inpatients (compared with 29% of female patients) are detained and treated compulsorily
  • Almost every personality disorder, including antisocial personality disorder, is more likely to be diagnosed in men
  • 84% of children excluded from school are boys
  • Boys are five times more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than girl
  • Young men are significantly more likely than young women to emerge from the education system with lower levels of qualification
  • Men have measurably lower access to the social support of friends, relatives and community.

(Facts and figures from the National Mental Health Development Unit and Healthknowledge.org.uk)

Arup Marks International Men’s Day

Arup, an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists, celebrated International Men’s Day at its offices in Solihull.

Sarah Maddox who co-ordinated the celebrations said:

“International Men’s Day is recognised as a moment to highlight the contributions and progress of men, working together with women, to make educational, economic, social and technological advances in society.

“The theme was Men’s Health and informative literature was available to highlight any male health related issues.  Phil Jeremiah (a coach and motivational speaker) came along to remind us all of the importance to “chill” and let the stress out of your body and mind.”

Thanks to all at Arup for supporting the day.



Review of IMD Preston event

Thanks to Christopher Flux from Men Against Violence (MAV) who ran an event for International Men’s Day in Preston. Advertised as ‘REAL MEN an exploration of masculinity and male identity’ this event aimed to look at a whole range of men’s issues from mental health and boys education to the high rate of men as both perpetrators and victims of violent crime.

In the run up to the event Chris’s team held an informal vote for ‘Man of the Year 2012’ in their university’s Students Union. Barack Obama narrowly pipped Bradley Wiggins to the honour, though David Dickinson did better than Sir Chris Hoy and Mo Farrah combined!

The event examined how narrow male gender stereotypes often are and looked at the depiction of men in food and alcohol advertising, sometimes with a tongue-in-cheek ideas of maleness being part of the brand concept itself. (i.e Yorkie, HP Sauce, Budweiser).

From this light-hearted look at gender, things moved on to addressing more serious issues with a group discussion on topics such as men’s health, the high prevalence of men as both perpetrators and victims of violence, boys struggling in school and male suicide.

Other highlights included a guest speaker who is a local youth worker and (relatively) new dad to speak about his life, his work and men who have had a positive influence on his life. He talked at times with light-hearted humour, but went on to give a heartfelt and moving account of the relationship with the most important male influence on his life- his father – who sadly passed away last year.

Congratulations for Chris and his team for successfully delivering their first International Men’s Day team – you can read a longer review on the MAV blog.

If you have any experiences of you International Men’s Day in the UK you’d like to share with us please send the to glen@themenensnetwork.org.uk.



What A Great International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day was celebrated all over the UK yesterday (Monday 19th November 2012) in the biggest ever celebration of the day seen in this country.

A broader range of charities got involved than ever before, including those working with a diverse range of men including black and minority ethnic men, men with learning disabilities and other mental health needs and men who face significant barriers to engagement due to poor educational attainment, poor health, low self-esteem, unemployment and isolation.

We also saw celebrities like Paul McCartney, Brad Pitt and Katie Price backing an International Men’s Day fundraising campaign to help raise awareness of men’s cancer inequalities.

International Men’s Day was used as a launchpad for new initiatives by the NHS in Scotland, the Early Years Foundation in London and Men Beyond 50.

These new initiatives included a life-saving health screening programme for men in Scotland, an online network for older men and a new London Network for Men in Childcare.

In Northern Ireland a joint project between the Workers Education Association, Parenting NI, Home Start NI and the Men’s Health Forum in Ireland called Man Matters launched a new report on Fatherhood.

In Preston a group called Men Against Violence put their focus on violence against women and girls while in Leeds The Chris Worfolk Foundation announced the launch of a new men’s issues campaign raising awareness of issues facing men and boys in the areas of health, education, employment and family.

The Leeds project also launched the MILE Network (Men’s Issues in Learning and  Education Network) to connect people concerned with the underachievement and under-representation of men and boys in education.

There were also a broad range of public events in places like Manchester, London, Brighton, Birmingham and Derby ranging from a fun day out at Derby County Football Club to a Tash Dash fun run in Brighton for men and women wearing silly moustaches.

From an organizational perspective, International Men’s Day in the UK launched a new brand and was overseen by a team of co-ordinators for the first time laying a solid foundation for further growth in 2013.

The increased popularity of the day was marked by a record number of visits to the International Men’s Day UK blog which at one point yesterday was ranked as the second fastest growing blog on WordPress.

This was due in no small part to the huge popularity of our list on the Top 10 Men’s Issues based on an online survey conducted by the IMD UK team.

We also saw more media coverage this year in The Guardian, the Daily Telegraph and the Daily Star as well as numerous interviews of local radio stations around the country.

The Guardian article reviewed the National Conference for Men and Boys which is now an annual event that takes place every year at the beginning of November in the run up to International Men’s Day and as such is a flagship event for the IMD UK team.

Spreading our influence beyond the UK we saw the Isle of Man celebrate the day for the first time and the IMD UK team was featured on radio in Dublin. The UK team was also the key architect of the global theme for International Men’s Day 2012 which was Helping Men And Boys Live Longer, Happier, Healthier Lives.

Thanks to all who supported the day if you held an event and want to let us know or if you want to get involved in celebrating International Men’s Day 0n 19th November 2013 then please contact us today.

Men Get Eating Disorders Too campaigns on IMD

The charity Men Get Eating Disorders Too (MGEDT) marked International Men’s Day this year by campaigning for the improvement of health services for men with eating disorders.

The petition aims to address the barriers men with eating disorders are faced when approaching help at the point of access and in treatment services. MGEDT is calling on the government to make key changes in policy and delivery levels so male sufferers are able to seek the support they need.
You can support their campaign by signing their online petition to the Department of Health here.

International Men’s Day on Dublin Radio

Phantom Radio in Ireland feature an interview on International Men’s Day today. Phantom 105.2 broadcasts rock and independent music to Dublin  and beyond via the web, 24 hours a day.

The interview was on the Alison Curtis show with International Men’s Day Co-ordinator for the UK, Glen Poole.